Unified Multi-Cloud Network as a Service - Alkira

Cloud adoption continues to accelerate. Organizations are increasingly transitioning business critical applications from on-premise data centers to one or more public clouds and SaaS environments. While compute, storage and applications have comprehensively evolved beyond virtualization and automation to simple as-a-service offerings, the network has not. Alkira™ reinvents networking for the cloud era.

Alkira delivers industry’s first unified multi-cloud network as-a-service. With the Alkira solution, customers can establish global segmented connectivity to and across clouds, use intent-based policies to seamlessly insert on demand network services (like Firewalls), and gain end-to-end visibility and governance. The entire multi-cloud network is drawn on an intuitive design canvas, deployed in a single click and is ready in minutes!

Alkira Solution Highlights

Global On-Demand Multi-Cloud Network
The Alkira solution establishes a high speed, low latency global on
demand multi-cloud customer network. It connects customer
remote sites, data centers and colocation facilities to and across
clouds, leveraging IPSec, Cisco SD-WAN and AWS Direct Connect.
The network is free of restrictive cloud limits and scales based on
business demands.

On-Demand Network Services Marketplace
Alkira solution offers a network services marketplace with fully
integrated provisioning and lifecycle management. Network services
autoscale based on real-time capacity demand. Intelligent symmetric traffic
steering ensures proper operation of stateful network services, such as
Firewalls, in cloud and multi-cloud customer environments

As-A-Service Consumption

The Alkira solution offers an intuitive point-and-click design canvas where
customers can draw their entire global multi-cloud network with network services. The Alkira solution is fully aligned with cloud consumption models, eliminating the need for high upfront costs. Customers can conveniently choose between pay-as-you-go (PAYG) and subscription or mix the two.

Cloud Visibility and Governance

The Alkira solution offers industry leading visualization for end-to-end
visibility and governance, eliminating operational blind spots.
Organizations can gain comprehensive insights into application traffic flows, health and state of their entire multi-cloud network and network services.

Alkira Cloud Services Exchange

 The Alkira Cloud Services Exchange™ (Alkira CSX) is the world’s first unified multi-cloud network as-a-service. It is built on a highly available and resilient network of globally distributed Alkira Cloud Exchange Points™ (Alkira CXPs), virtual multi-cloud points of presence with a full routing stack and network services capabilities. Alkira CXPs are fully interconnected over global high bandwidth, low latency infrastructure. Customer sites, cloud instances, network services and SaaS/Internet exit points connect to the geographically closest Alkira CXP. Integrated stateful network services, such as Palo Alto VM-Series Firewalls, and end-to-end segmentation capabilities offered by the Alkira CSX, allow customers to confidently migrate secure and compliant data to the cloud. The Alkira Cloud Services Exchange Portal offers modern web graphical interface for all design, provisioning, and day-2 operations needs.

The Alkira CSX is built in the cloud and behaves like the cloud delivering agility and speed, on demand functionality, as-as-service consumption, and elastic scale up and scale down, all of which are synonymous with the cloud itself.

View a video describing this useful intuitive platform.