Listen to Podcast about How to Select SD-WAN

Podcast – How to Select a SD-WAN System

On this podcast, I discuss with the Packet Pushers hosts, how to shop for an SD-WAN.  You may have noticed that SD-WAN products are a bit hard to tell apart, at least at a glance.

Most of them seem to have a central controller, a policy manager, x86 boxes that do the forwarding, lots of clever monitoring and reporting, and the ability to handle several Ethernet circuits.

But is that all there is to think about? Does it just come down to cost? Is there more to consider when shopping for an SD-WAN?

Steve Garson, is president at consulting firm SASE Experts. Steve’s job is to analyze big WANs, figure out what sort of applications go across them, and then recommend a WAN solution to meet an organization’s needs. He’s developed a whole lot of questions worth asking as you evaluate the many SD-WAN options out there.

Podcast Sections:

Section 1: Architecture Questions

Section 2: Capacity Questions

Section 3: Practical Questions

Section 4: Other Questions

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