You need to deliver excellent performance at the lowest possible cost. SD-WAN technologies provide the opportunity to combine broadband Internet with MPLS–providing the best of all worlds. Benefits include:
Network Performance

Use the most cost-effective network at all times. SD-WAN provides optimized application routing—often eliminating the need for costly MPLS networks

Manageability Lower 

Lower admin costs and better control, with a level of network visibility that is unparalleled.

Flexibility and Scalability Scale

Scale bandwidth up or down on a moment’s notice. Redistribute bandwidth to accommodate flash conditions or new applications. The SD-WAN–not a carrier–controls the allocation of bandwidth. Therefore, businesses can ensure that critical applications receive the bandwidth they require, when they need it.

Fast Office Moves or Adds

Bring up a new office in minutes, not the weeks and months with MPLS. SD-WAN nodes configure themselves and can use 4G/LTE for instant deployment, while you wait for other circuit installations. SD-WANs let you do moves, adds and changes in minutes.

Network Reliability

Sub-second network failover without the delay of BGP. Failover with brown-outs, before a complete failure occurs. 

Security Encrypted

Encrypted connectivity with frequent key changes at configured intervals.

Financial Performance

Today, broadband Internet performance is often comparable to MPLS. In many cases, this eliminates the need for costly MPLS networks. Internet costs can be as much as 90% less.