Multi-Site Internet Access with One Invoice and NOC

Tired of managing numerous internet access bills? Tired of trying to figure out what carrier to call when there is an internet access problem? SASE Experts provides internet access, anywhere on the planet. In fact, our partners have built up an installed base in 180 countries and counting. Get broadband internet access or dedicated internet access with premium SLA’s. Either way, you always get static IP addresses, onsite installation and an Ethernet hand-off all with a single NOC and a single invoice.

Internet Access

Depending on the location, access can be delivered using all available access technologies, such as Fiber (Dedicated, FttX), Copper (SONET/SDH) ADSL, SDSL, VDSL), Cable (DOCSIS), Wireless (Microwave/Radio, WiMax, 3G/4G/LTE) and Satellite.

24×7 NOC Support

Benefit from redundant global Network Operations Centers (NOCs) in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. The NOC continuously monitors all your sites and speak all the local languages in order to efficiently and effectively trouble shoot any problem.

One Invoice

Regardless of the number of sites you have or where they are located, you receive just one invoice.

Standard or Premium SLAs

We offer standard SLA’s for small office and backup solutions, up to protected Internet access with premium SLAs for business critical sites and cloud applications. Our premium SLAs include guaranteed Time To Deliver and Time To Repair service levels.

Get a Custom Internet Access Solution

Whether you have a retail chain or an enterprise with locations around the nation or the world, SASE Experts can craft an internet access solution that will take the effort out of managing your internet access….or paying your bills. This is perfect if your are considering a move away from MPLS for some of your locations, or to simplify your network management.