Microsoft Office 365 Bandwidth Calculator

How much bandwidth should you budget for each site when deploying Microsoft Office 365? It’s a common question. Unfortunately, there are no simple answers. Several variables must be considered when planning Office 365 deployments.  We found the below calculator to be effective for most enterprises. The 14 variables are adjustable to meet your needs. If you are using O365 and Teams already, you can obtain much of the information for variables through the Admin panel.   Need help? SASE Experts offers a WAN Jumpstart Kit for that very reason. Sign up today, for your free SASE or SD-WAN assessment and guidance on how to plan for Office 365. 


Be sure to adjust the desired Teams Video Kbps from the default 350 to the following, to meet your requirements:

  • 500 kbps: Peer-to-peer video at 360p and 30fps
  • 1200 kbps for Peer-to-peer video at HD of 720p at 30fps
  • 1000 kbps for group video calling
  • 2000 kbps for HD group video calling at 540p on 1080p screen


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