Global Crossing offers 6 Classes of Service on MPLS network

SASE Secure Access Service Edge

Global Crossing has announced that it is expanding its MPLS Class Of Service (CoS) offering to six levels.  This will increase the granularity that its customers can fine tune their MPLS network.  This particularly benefits users of both voice and video, since both previously shared the same premium time-sensitive CoS, but now both can remain time-sensitive, with voice having priority over video.

Gary Breauninger, chief marketing officer said, “Having six classes of service gives our enterprise customers a greater ability to ensure uninterrupted transmission of their most time-sensitive and important data, allowing them to control IP VPN performance as they increasingly rely on a single IP-based platform for real-time and converged applications.”

The increased number of CoS levels will have no effect on their MPLS Prices.

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