Open Systems

Open Systems, based in Switzerland and Redwood City, CA, has been offering SD-WAN related services before the term SD-WAN was created.  Their solution provides SD-WAN and security as a service. Their fully managed SASE service offers a full security stack, with cloud management, on their edge device.  Their approach to customer support is unique: only Level-3 engineers.  You will never work with anyone who cannot solve your problem.

Open Systems platform provides WAN optimization, network visibility, and control.  Managed applications include McAfee for its anti-virus, Avira for malware detection and Commtouch for threat detection and security analytics.  Managed detection and response (MDR) as well as Circuit Management are also available services.Their Mission Control capabilities include:

SD-WAN Services
Application Visibility including user experience quality measurement
• Application Control (QoS, Dynamic Path selection)
• Application Acceleration

SASE Security capabilities
• Encryption and WAN routing
• Advanced Threat Proxy “SSL Scanning, Malware Protection, URL Filter”
• Next Gen Firewall
• Protection of mobile users
• Network security monitoring (IPS/IDS)

Other Site services
• DHCP Server
• Local Intrusion Protection Services

24x7x365 3rd level operations
• ISP outage notifications and support with persistent ISP issues
• Automated, managed Service Delivery Platform
• Mission Control Support with unlimited changes and incidents

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